Do you need assistance with a new authorisation application? If you’re a new firm setting up, Objectivus has helped many fledgling businesses work up their regulatory business plan and provide tailored and effective policies and procedures in place to satisfy the FCA and ensure compliance with all regulations.

Our highly-experienced team at Objectivus can help with:

  • Full compliance gap analysis and recommendations.
  • Managing or preparing new authorisation applications and variations of permissions.
  • Passporting and approved persons.
  • Preparing policies and procedures, creating a compliance manual and monitoring plan.
  • Addressing issues raised by the regulator and carrying out remedial actions.

A full compliance department can be costly, especially to ensure you have the necessary experience. Objectivus can take responsibility for all FCA compliance arrangements, allowing you to get on with the important task of focussing on your clients. This could be partial or full outsourcing if there is no compliance internally.

If you have a compliance team in-house, we know how busy their desks can get, and how hard it can be to deal with every new piece of regulation that pops up. Objectivus can be on hand to provide responses to queries on the same day and we help our clients understand the issues and how these may impact your specific business.

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