About Us


Classical Latin meaning: undistorted by emotion or personal bias, a thing aimed at or sought; purpose; goal; target.

Objectivus was formed to provide risk, governance and compliance consulting services to the financial services sector.

Working with FinTech, payment service providers, asset managers, brokerages, proprietary trading firms and investment banks; we offer bespoke solutions drawn from our extensive market expertise.

An independent boutique consultancy offering:

  • Objective assessment, practical guidance and effective implementation to assist clients in achieving their business goals whilst meeting regulatory obligations.
  • Quick deployment of highly experienced professionals to deliver outstanding results in consulting and project-based roles.
  • Intelligent staff sourcing ensuring costs remain competitive.

Risk and Governance

We focus on small to medium financial services firms and can help you with all operational risk and governance requirements.

Compliance Services

We’ve helped many fledgling businesses work up their regulatory business plan and provide tailored and effective policies and procedures.

Financial Crime

Financial crime is a sensitive area for financial firms, especially those organisations who are operating across foreign jurisdictions.

Expert Testimony

We provide expert witness testimony and reports on a wide range of financial services activities.