Expert Testimony

Expert testimony is an opinion stated during a trial or deposition (under oath) by an expert witness on a subject relevant to a lawsuit or a criminal case. An expert witness being anyone who provides the evidence on the case of which the witness has no first-hand knowledge, but on which witness is qualified to give an opinion. It is usual for this opinion to be of a technical nature whereby the court will rely on it to better understand the nuances of the case.

Both the claimant and defendant (or appellant and respondent) are entitled to appoint and remunerate their own expert witnesses, but the primary duty of an expert witness is to provide independent assistance to the court by way of objective, unbiased opinion in relation to matters within the witness’s expertise.

Objectivus personnel have experience in providing expert witness services over more than 20 years for regulators, defendants and appellants, and more recently we have re-focused our offering to defendants and appellants which better fits our wider ranging customer-focused services.

We have given evidence in the UK, North America and South-East Asia on a wide range of topics including:

  • market abuse
  • financial instruments (FX forwards, FX swaps and FX and equity options, equities, equity forwards and futures)
  • dividend arbitrage
  • dematerialisation
  • stock borrowing / lending
  • market structures
  • trading techniques
  • settlement
  • other operational practices.

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