Risk and Governance

At Objectivus we focus on small to medium financial services firms and can help you with operational risk and governance requirements. This could include assessing trading risks, operational risk, and counterparty exposures or a full governance review.

Objectivus is experienced at assessing and developing a firm’s risk management framework and risk tolertance limits. We work with a range of entrepenurial and closely-held companies to improve their operational risk profile. We seek to move these companies into a position in which they retain control over their risk exposure and align this with their strategic goals. In doing this, Objectivus facilitates growth while providing reassurance to investors, stakeholders, and regulators.

To achieve this, we utilise a purpose-built system: Objectivus360. This adaptable and scalable software solution maintains a dynamic register of risks, automates risk management reporting lines, and produces bespoke risk analytics to inform high-level decision making. In summary, it will make the job of your Chief Risk Officer or Risk Manager much easier. To find out more, you can download our datasheet at the bottom of this page.